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Many doctors are at a crossroads. How to find a career that you feel passionate about, protects your autonomy,
and provides a growing and sustainable income? You create it. This book details one doctor’s journey from
burnt out employee to successful entrepreneur, providing you a roadmap in becoming your own boss.

You Will Learn:

* How to leverage your medical expertise into lucrative

* How to escalate your financial level through multiple
streams of income

* How to start a side business while still employed

* How to work smarter, not harder without trading time
for dollars

The Positioned Physician dismantles the prevailing myth that doctors are ill-equipped in business. Filled with
practical tips and strategies drawn from real-life examples, it is the definitive playbook for those who
want to take charge of their medical career.

Michael Woo-Ming MD MPH is a physician entrepreneur, in-demand speaker, influencer & medical marketing strategist, overseeing the development and growth of several multi-million dollar online companies.

He has co-founded, and later sold, two small business lead generation software companies which did nearly $8 million in sales in the span of a few years. He has spearheaded the development of EMerit, one of the largest reputation management services for physicians for Medical Justice, Inc. Dr. Woo-Ming holds a master's degree in public health at the University of Michigan and a Doctor of Medicine from Wayne State University. He has lectured at workshops and conferences on both B2B and B2C digital marketing to startups and established small businesses n the US, Australia, Asia, and Europe. He is the developer of the Social Media course for the Medscape Physician Business Academy, and his writings on physician entrepreneurship has been featured in Physician’s Practice, KevinMD, and Medical Economics.

Dr. Woo-Ming is also the CEO of Executive Medical, a boutique medical practice, which specializes in age management, weight loss and aesthetics, and the co-owner and medical director of a number of insurance-free clinics predominately in the Southern California region.
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