FREE MASTERCLASS: Become a Highly Paid, In Demand
Physician Coach

"Doctors: Learn How to Develop a 5 Figures a Month Sharing Your Expertise with Your Own Coaching Business ."

Michael Woo-Ming, MD MPH
Physician Consultant for 15+ Years

An Untapped Revenue Opportunity for Physicians: Start You Own Lucrative Online Coaching Business

This is a very special webclass to help physicians start a 5 figures a month coaching business. Whether you are a full-time physician or just a part-time gig, you will learn how to get paid based on your knowledge.  Register today to get access to this exclusive training.

What You Will Learn from this Masterclass:

Doctors - You already have the knowledge, wisdom, and experience. How would you like to finally get paid for what you know? Join the often overlooked non-clinical opportunity of becoming a physician coach or nsultant.

On this exclusive FREE masterclass, you will gain the essentials of becoming an in demand, high paid physician coach and discover viable consulting opportunities. This webclass will help you gain a significant advantage over non-clinical job competition, while developing your own full-time online consulting business, to generate a sustainable, valuable stream of income.

Whether you are looking for a side gig, or a full-time revenue stream to replace your current income, Dr. Woo-Ming, a 15+ year physician consulting expert, has helped hundreds of doctors grow and thrive in their own consulting business, and, will share real life case studies on physicians who have turned this into a viable income stream to their career. At the end of the masterclass, you will learn how to develop your own online consulting business, and tap into this $100 billion dollar industry as a doctor.

About the Speaker:

Mike Woo-Ming MD MPH is a physician entrepreneur and has run a business consultancy firm for over a decade. Considered one of the top health influencers, Dr. Mike has overseen the marketing and business growth of several million dollar practices and online health companies, and has taught and worked with physicians, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in Australia, Asia, United States, Canada, and Europe. Dr. Woo-Ming holds a master's degree in public health at the University of Michigan and a Doctor of Medicine from Wayne State University. Long retired from corporate medicine, he has a passion for helping doctors who are being marginalized, and learn different ways outside of their conventional practice.